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Our crew have genuine joy receiving and welcoming people visiting the Amazon. The Captain has great experience on traveling and sailing through theses mysterious waters. He can lead you to the most beautiful views and wonderful places. Also, the immersive walkings and campings taken inside the jungle are unforgettable experiences.
Jordi Miguel Alegre

Meet the Captain

Jordi Miguel Gil Alegre, naturalist specialized in Ichthyology (study of fish and aquatic ecosystems) and a great lover of animals since his childhood.
A lifetime dedicated to nature, he began his expeditions in AmazĂ´nia in 2002 and since then he has been traveling and guiding expeditions through this immense river paradise along with biologists, photographers, adventurers, television documentaries, etc.
In 2005 he lauched Lo Peix, and since then, many travels and histories to tell. Recently, in 2017, the new boat named Acqua Amazon has added to the crew. Jordi Miguel is a real proof that doing what you love is really the way to success, growth and evolution.

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